Maple Class

Term 6: Yo Ho Ho! A Pirate's Life for me!

Main focus/Theme: Pirates




Indoor Role Play: pirate ship


Outdoor Role Play: Desert Island


Pirate Flags


Own pirate sayings

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·          Collaborative Learning opportunities, through role play, small world play, construction, UTW investigations – working together, taking turns and sharing. Adult to model and support desired behaviours.

·          Treasure Chest – talking about a special object from home – share with class

·          Developing confidence to try new activities:

Providing regular opportunities through Key Workers time for the children to talk about something they are interested in or have done. Supporting children to value own successes intrinsically.


Communication & Language

·          Small world pirate ship

·          Pirate ship role play area

·          Desert Island Role Play

·          Playing with sounds and words – making own pirate sayings, making up own pirate names

·          Enjoy sharing stories with pirate and sea settings – eg The Night Pirates, Captain Flynn series

·          Build a bank of pirate and sea songs

·          Poem of the week : pirate themed

·          Playing games with a speaking and listening focus – eg Find the Treasure

Physical Development

·          Fine Motor: threading necklaces with ‘treasure’

·          Remove treasure from glittery sand with tweezers

·          Digging and sifting to find treasure

·          Cutting and sticking treasure in chest / fish in sea…

·          Pencil grip and letter formation

·          Making healthy food for a Pirate Party

·          Observing the effect of physical activity on our bodies, during PE and play

·          PE : ball skills, working in a team, preparation for sports day



AE TMathematical Framework:

Calculation 3:

·          Using quantities and objects, add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. Stolen treasure – how much is left?

·          Double and halve a quantity by grouping or sharing objects and counting – sharing the pirates’ bounty!

Handling Data 2

·          Organise and sort numbers and objects according to a given criteria

  • Recognise, create and describe patterns.
  • Review and revisit mathematical learning




Create own pirate identity:

·          Make up own pirate names and badges

·          Speech bubbles for pirates – make own pirate sayings

·          Write a message in a bottle and a pirate postcard Make a list of 10 things you might find in a pirate’s pocket

·          Find out about and write diary of life aboard a pirate ship


·          Create wanted posters for famous pirates


·          Pirate poetry – performance poetry


·          Writing pirate stores – Pirate Zig Zag books, inspired by The Night Pirates


·          Make and label pirate maps

·          Read a map to find clues for a treasure hunt around school


Understanding the World


·          Research pirates – who were they? Were there any famous ones? What jobs were there on a pirate ship? Link to pirate diary writing

·          Ipads: make Pirate Wanted posters


·          Investigate: floating and sinking:

·          Do boats sail better in salty sea?

·          What are the best sails to make our pirate ship   go fast?

·          How much treasure can we fit on our boat  without sinking?

·          What materials will make the best raft for our pirates to escape on?

·          Magnetism: what treasure can we pick up from the Black Lagoon? Beebots: reach the treasure on the map: X marks the spot

·          Researching sea animals



Expressive Arts and Design


·          Art Week: Andy Warhol , clay modelling, flower photography  and watercolours

·          Design and make a pirate flag

·          Paint a pirate

·          Make peg doll pirates

·          Build pirate ships –large and small scale

·          Build a bank of Pirate Songs to sing and accompany with percussion instruments

·          Make a 3D Treasure Island (papier mache)

·          Bottle printing

·          Make pirate hat, telescope, treasure, eye patch

·          Fish mobiles

·          Seascape paintings