Fantastic Friday

The children in Y1 to Y6 all take part in Fantastic Friday each week. The afternoon is devoted to a range of activities giving our pupils the chance to try new, exciting activities,learning new skills all of which enrich their curriculum experience. The activities are rotated according to demand and each half term the children choose which two activities they wish to participate in with at least one of these being a physical activity.

The activities we have offered include;







Forest School at Copesgrove Farm


Music, in particular the opportunity learn to play a brass instrument


Samba Drumming

Tag Rugby




Our Y6 and some of our Y5 children have been visiting Copesgrove Farm in Bisley this term. Kate Bankes from Copesgrove describes the second of their sessions;

“We had a lovely afternoon together....we caught up on news from the week.....lots of interest in farm stories and calves and birthing stories...we explored the wood looking at changes from last week, we each found a special place which we spent two minutes in of complete silence....just listening and observing. Kids really enjoyed sharing special places with the group and what they had seen or heard....we had a squirrel scampering, lots of singing birds and the odd bellow from a cow (resembling a gorilla according to one of them!). 
We talked about teamwork skills and then had a team challenge involving a hula hoop...they were brilliant! Nothing I threw at them phased them, they even managed the challenge with their eyes closed! 
They were as fantastic as in to it that I feel like I never have long enough with them! Every activity overruns because they are so enthusiastic! 
Next week we will visit our special place in the woods again for 2 minutes of silence, may start dens, and I want to do walks of trust and walk the plank.....but also am debating a walkabout round farm to see some animals......!? Just so much I want to do with them!