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Parental Responsibilities

Parents and School

Once upon a time in the last millennia someone said “It takes a village to raise a child”.

We recognise that as parents you are the child’s first educators; we are privileged to be able to work with your children as they develop as learners through the primary years.  We all need to work together.

To help your child progress we encourage you as parents to be fully involved with your child’s learning journey no matter how old they are.

We like to hear about activities and interests your child is involved in. We like to celebrate their achievements both in and out of school.  We like having you share their fears and worries with us so we can help them understand these.

Please let us know when things are going well and not so well. We will listen and try to help. We like to think we are working as a team to raise and educate your child. In turn we will let you know when things are going well and when we have concerns. We have formal times during the year when we report to you but we do like to hear from you at anytime.

We will work hard to ensure your child gets a first class education. In return we need you to help us.


·         ensure your child is in school by 0850

·         ensure they are in uniform and are clean and tidy each day

·         let the office know if your child is absent as soon as possible on the first day of absence