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Sports Funding

Sport and exercise at Severn View Primary Academy

At Severn View, our pupils are able to participate in a number of sports and physical activities through specific teaching of P.E. Throughout the school, children experience key areas such as invasion games, striking and fielding, net and wall games as well as gymnastics and dance.

Children are able to further widen their experiences of sport and exercise via ‘Thrilling Thursday’, during which qualified, experienced coaches deliver a variety of sporting activities, including football, tag rugby and zumba. Furthermore, during break and lunchtimes, we provide our pupils the option of engaging in more sport. Play leaders are positioned in the playground to encourage the children to participate in physical exercise and competitive sports with them.

We also offer extracurricular sporting opportunities for our pupils. We participate in a number of sporting events and fixtures over the academic year such as  football leagues, tag rugby tournaments, country dancing festivals and district sports meetings to name but a few. In addition to these events, as a result of a request from the children, we also offer an extracurricular gymnastics club.

Sports Funding


As a legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games which inspired so many of us, the Government has introduced a two year programme of Sports Funding for all primary schools. The additional funding will enable us to develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age.

The funding available from 1st September 2013 for Severn View Primary Academy is £8,400


At Severn View we endorse the Government’s view that sport should be an important part of school and that sporting excellence and participation, alongside strong cultural opportunities, go hand in hand with high academic standards.


The Governors will introduce a range of activities over the next two years and will be closely monitoring the spending of this funding. Activities arranged to date are;


·         Professional sports leaders to work with the children at lunch times, teaching sports skills and sportsmanship.

·         Quality football coaching.

·         Participation in inter-school football tournament

·         An after school gymnastics club run by professional coaches. This is a sport which the children have requested and which we are able to support.


The range of activities will be expanded over the next two years.